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Software Downloads
The software’s below are free downloads and are linked to their suggested websites for download. We recommend that you use a browser of your choice with QuickTime and Flash for playing media. Having these installed on your computer will greatly increase your experience on
Web Browsers
Free Plugins Softwares
Safari Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Quicktime Adobe Flash Player Adobe Shockwave Player Adobe Acrobat Reader
Other Browsers:
Google Chrome
Other Additional Plugin Softwares:
Windows Media Player
Q. What is this icon?
A. This is the Usociable help icon. All a user needs to do is simply rollover the icon with your mouse pointer and a mini popup description will appear explaining the use of that particular area.

Q. What is Usociable?
A. Usociable is an online social website where people to connect with their friends, share photos, meet other people and have their own personal website with multiple pages.

Q. How do I customize my profile and pages?
A. You can go to the help page were you can find samples of html, css and video tutorials that can help you get started.

Q. What are multiple pages?
A. Unlike other social websites, we have created a concept that allows the user to create various other pages like their profile page. Meaning that you can have a profile page and other pages to design and showcase your hobbies, your talents, favorite tv shows, favorite movies etc.

HTML Guide

CSS Guide
Download the Profile CSS Guide - Download

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