Arbitrary Lines
Sunday, September 23, 2018
Arbitrary Lines - pencil, pen, sharpie, drawing, string theory, mole
Arbitrary Lines  [2285 Page Views]
A series of posters done in pen and ink

Consciousness Can Intuit Anything

This is a series of artwork I did in pencil and black sharpie. 001 and 002 are poster sized and 003 was done on a wall in my first house in LA and was originally 8'x10'. I have yet to do a full digital print of it though I have it in the computer to size at 300 dpi. This series is very spacial and trippy and full of symbolism. At the time I was studying all of the cutting edge physics books as well as string theory which was just emmerging. A few years before I really understood the concept of "strings" I had created 001 and included what I called at the time a "curl". This was my answer as to how the fundimental paradox of the universe was explained. Years later when reading The Elegant Universe I came upon a diagram that reminded me of my drawing. It is shown below left with the section in question.

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While "understanding" and reason can only be achieved through learning, there is certain "knowledge" that can be intuited including things too large or too small to be conceived by the mind (in 3 dimensions). Enjoy. If you want to see the images bigger, right click them and choose "open image in new window (or tab)" and you will see them at 1000px wide :)

Arbitrary Lines 001 - Bowl of Likeness

Arbitrary Lines 002 - The Fat Man (Ego)

Arbitrary Lines 003 - Made and Maker

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